Posted on Sunday, 24 August 2014

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Massive thanks to everyone who has been coming out to gigs the past month, we have been on a tour throughout august and it's being going cruisingly awesome in every direction all at once. 

We've only a few more left for commissary missionary agency of balada:
25th August - Sorted Surf Shop Boscombe, Instore, 4:30 pm ish
29th August - Small Batch Coffee Shop, Brighton
30th August - Club 85, Hitchin
31st August - Bardic Picnic, Northampton

Here is a live acoustic video we did just before a full band gig at Sidmouth Fringe festival, thanks to the croft session for doin the double lense for the lense shares, to see isa good language.

The awesome artwork on this post is by Dennis Konstatin.


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